MVVS engines

Anyone have experience with MVVS engines? Particularly the .91. I am thinking of trying one and would like to get some idea of how they perform. Thanks.

John VB

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I had a .40 and it was one of my all time favorite motors. They make

great deal of power and run well on 5% (that is a key to success) fuel Don't try more nitro - trust me! The were designed for FAI 0%....

Break it in properly and you will have a strong long lasting motor. Pipe it and you really smile!


-- pda4yo

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I am curently running a mvvs 61 on my bingo 60.Smooth running engine with power to spare.Starts in about 2-3 flips .no starter on this one..i'm running 10% byrons..


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Got one, love it. Only a MVVS 21 but it is a really nice engine. Gives an impression of quality from the moment you pick it up.

Break it in properly, run it (recommended by manufacturer) on low nitro fuel and you will find you have an easy starting, powerful and nice piece of kit. One guy here in England bought 5 of them, different sizes and used in a variety of planes so he obviously reckons they are good.

The guy I bought my engine off has been importing, selling and using them himself for 27 years.


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I have the 91 (15). I'm breaking it in right now. I had a hard time getting it to run rich. I added a small "O" ring to the needle and put some latex tubing over it too. I'm have a small box like muffler on it and I don't think I'm getting enough pressure from the muffler to pressurize the tank.I have it in my, just finished, GP Super Skybolt. It starts easily from the very beginning. I took the muffler apart and used red RTV to seal the whole thing, now it will run rich flat on the ground but it too lean, to maiden flight my first Bipe ,when I point it to the sky. I may use a check valve on the pressure line but I'll probably get a new muffler. The tuned pipe was recommended but it was going a Bipe and I really didn't want the pipe hanging out. I still had to cut the cowl allot for this square muffler. I got some very good info from Pe' Reivers site,

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down load the engine run in info. It was much better than what was in the box. This thing pulls very well, It's just not reliable yet. mk

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While I don't own a .91, I do own several MVVS engines. They are well-made of very good materials. I'm not in love with their carburetors, but that's why Perry/Conley is still in the aftermarket carb business. :-) I've also found that they do NOT clean the machining debris out of them, so I strongly recommend that you disassemble any new MVVS enough to give it a good flushing out before running it. Re-lube the bearings and cylinder afterwards, of course!


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Geoff Sanders

Money well spent..I have a 40 and a 49 and both are screamers out of the box. The price went up slightly at Morris but it's still a great bargain for what your getting.

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