Any Volunteer blacksmith training in under developed countries going on?

Are any of you involved in teaching basic blacksmithing skills to people
at the bottom of the economic ladder in developing areas or countries?
Pete Stanaitis
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But, the developing nations still have working blacksmiths. It is the developed countries where the skill died out.
I've worked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Viet Nam and all have an indigenous blacksmith industry. Mostly making knives and other implements.
Bruce-in-Bangkok (correct email address for reply)
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Bruce in Bangkok
Actually Bruce, projects like Spaco's mentioning do exist. I've heard tell of people going to certain parts of Africa backed by some organization or another to teach blacksmithing skills. The organization will also provide basic tools and equipment for the people so helped. I do not, however, have any specific involvement with any of this, so I can't help you Spaco. If you actually intend to go yourself then I wish you the best of luck and if you could hear my round of applause I'd give you one.
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Mountain Man
This is usually the really poor nations where some calamity has happened (either man made or natural).
A lot of the African countries have very effective blacksmiths with skills that would dwarf the best in western cultures.
Mind you I don't like the idea of chewing up a lump of charcoal and spitting it onto an anvil to forge weld something.
Regards Charles
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When Chilla put fingers to keys it was 3/18/08 9:02 PM...
Help me here, this is part of a technique I've never heard of.
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Carl West
here is some info
formatting link

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Thats true until one considers the bananna republics of the world and as much as I like to rag on the U.N. they have but out some "teach blacksmithing" type manuals....but bananna republics aren't exactly being developed....
I've scene some references to modern missionary groups teaching blacksmith in latin america.
I can't think of the site's name but there are some cool pics of vietnamese woodworking and some blacksmithing. Type vietnam woodworking in google.
Oh..don't forget a stop at , just because it's cool. ;)
matthew ohio
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That has been one of my favorite sites for a long time....they have a little bit of everything.
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