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I felt compelled to say something in "Blacksmithing", just to make sure
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This is the time of year that blacksmithing/metalsmithing conferences
get started all over the country, the continent and the world.
Personally, we are going to the Conference of the Northern Minnesota
Metalsmiths at Itasca State Park Steam Show grounds the last full
weekend of April, coming back on that Sunday to check the house and then
taking off for the big BAM conference in Sedalia, Missouri, the first
weekend in May.
This BAM conference is going to be a great one. You could consider it
as an ABANA conference for a LOT less money. We will see friends there
that we haven't seen for several years, I hope.
When we get back from Sedalia, we unpack and prepare for the Badger
Blacksmiths conference just south of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the middle
of May.
Then, the last week of May I will attend another Tom Latane' workshop to
make a lock for the 16th century chest from last year (which, by the
way, is coming along well, but isn't quite done yet).
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for the last (Feb, 3008) update.
----Then it's "take a breather" while my wife gets 2 new knees and
start our summer demonstration program towards the end of July. I
demonstrate blacksmithing and my wife spins. We dress in 1870's costume
for all these events. My wife often draws a bigger crowd than I do, but
I tell her she cheats, because she often brings a big basket of baby
This year:
Little Log House, Hastings, MN
Almalund MN Threshing show
Nowthen Threshing Show, Nowthen, MN
MN State Fair, if they'll have me again
Laura Ingals Wilder days, Pepin MN
----And a few other special events.
Go to the website of the clubs for those conference details. If you
can't find what you need, email on or off list for details.
Blacksmith, Blacksmith, Blacksmith,
Pete Stanaitis
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Baby Bunnies!!!!
Who can compete with that?
Have a great summer! Hope the Knees go well!
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Sorry, I got sucked into that one. :-( Regards Charles
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