Blacksmith Day 24/5 2008!


All good and important days to be remembered got its day in the calendar. Last year, close to Valentine's Day, members of Antracit Blacksmith Portal hand forged roses to their wife's and girlfriends. That made start point in discussing the very important part in the Industrial history which involves the work of all blacksmiths.

Actually the blacksmiths was the core leader of the Industrial revolution in all aspects as innovators and craftsmen and the persons who made all of this possible. Now a day all this is history and the work of blacksmithing has almost been forgotten. Still there are a lot of craftsmen regaining new popularity as Blacksmith's and members of Antracit dropped the idea to start celebrating the craftsmanship of blacksmithing with a special day called Blacksmith Day. Saturday May 24 will be the Blacksmith Day this Year 2008.

There are a lot of blacksmith shops that will be open and many visitors will get to know blacksmithing. We have also learnt that a member of the ABANA board and National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis has adopted this idea and will promote this now and in the future. That=92s great and we already got US blacksmiths on the map.

Brochure 100 times downloaded! Yeas that's an indication about the popularity and interest regarding Blacksmith Day. The "logo" has been downloaded almost as much as the brochure and now we can count some 100 blacksmith's shop that probably will be open this day. We also got the logo in English for everyone to download and use for pointing out your open shop. Just us it on any poster, sign or whatever suitable! The logo will show your shop and if you register at the blacksmith list at Antracit your shop will be shown at the map to! That's a great way to let interested know where to got to find a blacksmith that's opened up to show everyone how blacksmithing is done!

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The Swedish Art Metal High School, Steneby will celebrate this Blacksmith Day with open doors and together with more than five Folk High Schools around Scandinavia the focus will be on blacksmithing this day. Year 2007 a lot of newspapers and media recognized this day as Blacksmith Day and wrote articles and made radio and Tv from all around Sweden.

We at Antracit would like more schools and blacksmith's around the word to set this day, The fourth Saturday in may yearly, to become the day when people visit blacksmith's and we celebrate this ancient craft.

At some Blacksmith's shop there will be coffee and refreshments served and visitors will get the opportunity to try pounding the hot metal. That is always very welcome and give visitors the good feeling of being brawer,"I did dare to smith red hot metal".

Please join us and promote hand crafted metal, regardless if it's silver, steel or brass and softened in a hot coal fire or shaped like sheet metal. Make Saturday 24 May a Blacksmith Day all around the world and promote Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing, ancient craft with new designs forging its way to future.

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Regards Johan Sangberg Antracit Blacksmith Portal

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