Demonstrating Machine tools in threshing show blacksmith shops

I do a lot of blacksmithing at historical reenactments and threshing shows
to show the visitors "how things used to be done". I really enjoy getting
the visitors interested in what I am doing, but I realize that mostly, their
attention spans are limited and what I am trying to portray may not be high
on their list. There is always that "it's like watching paint dry" issue,
if I try to do a project that takes a long time.
So I try to choose things
that move along quickly and produce items to which the audience can
----Been doing this for many years and I think I can do it pretty well.
----But, we are in the process of setting up Machine Shop sections within
two of the venues that I attend annually. So we are in need of projects for
this part of the shops that will keep the audience interest, "wow" them a
little and at the same time teach a
What do you who have machine tools in threshing show blacksmith shops do?
Pete Stanaitis

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Pete S
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Interesting. I have never heard the term "threshing show" before. Must be a somewhat regional term.
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Curt Welch
It's a lot shorter than saying "Agricultural historical reenactment event focused on the the processing of small grains from the field to the bushel basket"
Pete Stanaitis ---------------
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Pete S
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