Some European blacksmith tools to look at

Again, I am a little embarrassed to be the only one posting to this NG lately, but I thought some of you might be interested in seeing what the inside of some European blacksmith shops looks like.

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Pete Stanaitis


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Pete S
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Hello Pete,

Thanks for the link and thanks for all the information you've made available on your web site.

No need to be embarrassed about being the only one posting much lately. Just kind of makes you the mainstay of the place! I subscribed to the ABANA list-serve forum for a while and had to drop out. They're great folks, but the conversations on politics and a lot of other topics get too lengthy. I'd rather see just a few posts that are all on blacksmithing than a bunch on everything but blacksmithing. So, I stick here with ACB and once in a while peek in at IForgeIron.

My apologies for not chiming in more often - I'll have to participate more. Thanks for keeping things going here.

Best regards, Bert

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Bert Olton

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