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Here are a few things I have been up to lately that are metalwork-related, one way or another: I am preparing to sell off my collection of trip hammers, so I got an old style 25 Mayer Bros hammer out of the barn, hooked it up to 3 phase power and demonstrated to a blacksmithing group (The Badger Blacksmiths) how to evaluate one. See the youtube video I took a little later on that subject:

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I have been monkeying around with Arduino microcontrollers lately for my woodgas experiments and I also demonstrated testing and calibrating thermocouples:

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Oh yeh, I finally finished the medieval metal chest that I have been working on since April of 2007. I ended up spending 443 hours on it. The whole story is here:

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if you have seen this before, just go to the bottom of the page.

Actually, I guess I have pretty much integrated my blacksmithing, fabrication and machine work into my general metalwork. For instance, a thumb for the backhoe and various machinery repairs for neighbors. Threshing show and historical reenactments of blacksmithing and yarn spinning start at the end of July for us.

What about you all?

Pete Stanaitis


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Pete S
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Look for a place to insert a couple cap screws to compress the spring that squeezes the pulley halves together. This allows the belt to go slack while you remove the motor.

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Ned Simmons

I finally finished an electric reel for the sail line. I bought a piece of al plate for the job ~25 years ago. It works great, holds about 1000 yds of 100# mono. We marked it off each 100 yds, regs say you can't have more than 600 yds. out. In actual practice, I found that we seldom let it out over 300.

I used an old chevy pickup wiper motor for the drive. The spool is about 6" x 6", al flanges interference fit on al spool center, 2 dutchmen each end. There's a center shaft of 1/2" ss running in ball bearings. No level wind. I have to manually level the line as it retrieves while holding my beer in the other.

We've caught reds, specs, flounder, drum, sheepshead, and one dang hardhead so far.

Pete Keillor

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Pete Keillor


I knew I was doing it wrong. But far more challenge my way.

Thanks for the tip.


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Karl Townsend

What do you have in your TH collection? I've been looking for another one for the shop. Would be nice to have drawing and flattening/planishing dies without needing to change them every time.

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Steve W.

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