Been a bit slow lately

Well now we have got rid of that thorn in the side it's time to drum up a few ideas for the winters nights. Anyone got anything really exciting planned?? An Exocet for bonfire night ?

Anyone want a decent quantity of whitworth allen screws. All smallish sizes

1/4 up to 3/8", all new and boxed. Some BSF and dowel pins etc, all new old stock. Need to collect as it's too heavy to post Got to clear one of the sheds out to make way for more up to date rubbish.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson
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Talking of acquiring rubbish...

Just picked up a couple of Boxford training CNC lathes this evening; one with a toolchanger fitted but no chuck, the other with a good QC toolpost & 3-jaw chuck fitted. Electrics/control is the usual BBC computer-based stuff that was fitted to these beasts - the toolchanger machine seems to have semi-fried electrics, the other seems to run at least partially with the "jog" controls, but neither machine has any of the original BBC software. Plan is to make use of the mechanics plus steppers and fit new drivers/control software. However, they probably have a bit more rusting to do before they get their respective brain transplants.

The package came complete with 3 BBC computers, 2 monitors, one single and one dual floppy drive. These will probably end up as boat-anchors if I can't acquire the original control s/w to drive them.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

In article , John Stevenson writes

Well, I keep looking at a pile of bits that will be my workshop extension, and hoping that the footings for the base will dig themselves. Unfortunately the footings fairy is conspicuous by her absence.

When that gets done my workshop will double in size. Meaning I can keep twice as much crap. :^(

Other than that I'm still building the Allchin (and will be until I die, I suspect) and knocking out bits for an endurance racing motorbike. Fortunately the season is now over, so I may be able to build them faster that the buggers break them!

Between that and buying more motorbikes for myself, I have much to keep me entertained through the winter. Restoring an early GoldWing may prove more challenging than first thought... ;^)

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Nigel Eaton

Has anyone out there got a spare 3 or 4-jaw chuck for one of these that they would part with?

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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