Re: milton, and that some of us are

"The Old Timer" schreef in bericht
So much for my killfile.
> On a lesser paranoid note, is there any chance that this might have some kind
> of embedded message from Al Clownia? They are supposed to be sending this kind
> of stuff all around the world in oddball messages, and this crap fits the bill.
Please do not be an idiot. Below are the headers of the message you
responded to.
Please Google for "HipCrime".
Also, please note the Follow-up-to headers and watch where you stick your
This is a childish ploy by a spanked spammer to attempt to disrupt (NANAE).
Adjusting filters and/or complaining to the ISPs keeping the abused proxies
on-line ( in this case) is in order.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
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