some people that need help

I found out last night that a couple Im somewhat aquainted with, are
living in their car and have been since May. Boyfriend, woman and 3
yr old granddaughter. Both are in their mid 40s.
Located in Pomona California. San Bernadino county.
He makes $700 a month delivering papers and she gets $500 welfare for
the infant.
Not enough to get a place to live with first/last/security deposit,
let alone monthy rent.
Im just calling around, networking to see if I can find either of them
a gig, or a place to live until they can get on their feet.
He got out of the military (nuke operator for the Navy) in '87, has
had some machining experience, Acroloks and others, but its been
years. Both are clean and sober, and can piss test.
Id put them up at my place, but Ive already got a couple and their 6
yr old son staying at my place for the next few weeks until he gets
his first good paycheck
Anyone know of anything available in So. Cal, drop me an email, or
call me at 805-732-5308
If I find em a gig outside of So. Cal, I might be able to give em gas
money to get there, but I cant replace that $1200 a month they are
currently getting, so will need some help getting set up.
I cant give a personal recommendation, as I dont know them that well,
but my impression is that they are decent responsible people.
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Hi. The property management firm that handles our rental allows the deposit to be made in installments if their credit is ok. Is this possible in CA?
Paul in Oregon
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Gunner may not be 100% wrapped, but he's a good egg. The latter is far more important, imo. Now, if we could only get it into his shrapneled up head that it's not dems or repubes, but effing Congress itself -- amongst other things.
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Proctologically Violated©®
Not, however, very smart. His friends could just call 211.
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John R. Carroll
Oooo...a sudden goal post change? First the mantra was "Bush's Fault!!" and now its a bipartisan problem?
Seems like you are coming along, finally.
Its about time. Now if you can only convince the rest of the far left fringe kook extremists.
This problem has been festering for decades and both parties have tried to sweep it under the carpet, with some notible exceptions..mostly on the Right Say..have you ever left that turd world shithole you live in, and seen the rest of the country? You know..that part of the US that Libs have marked "Here be dragons" on their maps...flyover country?
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Get them the bananas OUT of Culifornia and perhaps they could afford a place and get a job. There are plenty of areas that still have an apartment to rent for $250 per month, and in places that still get the newspaper.... the welfare is in every state for those in need.
Culifornia is not a good place to be if you do not have much for income.
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Well, dude, yer a good egg, but you do like to re-write history.
For the *longest* time, I had a long sig about cleaning out congress altogether. In almost all my responses to you, I have emphasized the corruption inherent in congress, not any one party, and even cited some of the most famous corrupt political machines as being democratic -- Daley in Chicago, Tammany Hall in NYC, Huey Long down south (orleans, iirc), and no doubt many others.
But Bush/Big Dick Cheney do take the effing cake, yo...
As far as leaving Yonkers, when your guests leave, ahma come live with you.... altho, in my pleas for adoption, I was hoping for something a little more up-scale -- no offense.....
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Proctologically Violated©®
W. Bush deserves a lot of blame because he has abandoned any notion of fiscal conservatism.
The fiscal conservatives are left basically without any representation in Washington. Before W. Bush, the debate was: "small government or big government?". During his term it was "we've chosen, it's big government. Where are we going to spend all the money we're borrowing from future generations?"
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The thought just occured to me, if Bush/Cheney weren't some Mutt&Jeff team, with the ilitirit buffoonish Bush basically being a decoy/distraction from Cheney's back-office skullduggery.
*Someone* had to have orchestrated/choreographed all this.
Unless this was just a natural denouement of an ignerint Pubic having been so determinedly ignerint for so many years.
We hope that Obama will be some kind of Savior, but it's tough to fix Broken Capitalism, and even tougher with a Clinton Old Guard re-installed.
Hollywood will no doubt eventually take over Gummint. Palin will eventually get in. Sheeit, she's started her campaign *now*, fergodsakes...
Then, it will be time to leave the country, iffin you don't mind then being a victim of Merkin Foreign Policy. Frying pan/fire, yo.
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Proctologically Violated©®
And it is about to get *MUCH* worse. California is unique only in that it tends to be first.
=========== California nears 'financial Armageddon,' governor warns By Jim Sanders Published: Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008 | Page 1A
Saying California is "headed toward a financial Armageddon," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger blistered lawmakers on Wednesday as administration officials said the state's two-year budget hole has grown to about $40 billion.
-------------- for complete article click on
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that California like most states is prohibited by their constitution from running a deficit.
also ================= Budget meeting blows up By Kevin Yamamura Published: Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008
Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill declared legislative negotiations with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger essentially dead after an apparently hostile meeting Thursday in the governor's office.
The Republican governor and legislative leaders publicly blamed one another this week for their failure to resolve a $14.8 billion gap in the current $100 billion state general fund budget.
-------------- for complete article click on
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Just what the Grench wanted for Xmas -- a GM/Chrysler bankruptcy *AND* a California bond default... the daily double!!!!
Unka' George [George McDuffee] ------------------------------------------- He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest innovator: and if Time, of course, alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end?
Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee
The pig governor: "Arnold Schwarzenegger blistered lawmakers on Wednesday" gave HUGE raises to his friends AND hired a bunch more before the big crash. But NOW in times of dire need he wants to cut back on education, aid for the poor and disabled, etc., etc., etc. but NEVER a word about cutting back state saleries or positions. His just a pig. I wish he'd just do us all a big favor and drop dead.
dennis in nca
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=========== The Grench may even hit the trifecta for Xmas....
============== Jim Rogers calls most big U.S. banks "bankrupt" Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:53pm EST By Jonathan Stempel
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Jim Rogers, one of the world's most prominent international investors, on Thursday called most of the largest U.S. banks "totally bankrupt," and said government efforts to fix the sector are wrongheaded.
"Without giving specific names, most of the significant American banks, the larger banks, are bankrupt, totally bankrupt," said Rogers, who is now a private investor.
"What is outrageous economically and is outrageous morally is that normally in times like this, people who are competent and who saw it coming and who kept their powder dry go and take over the assets from the incompetent," he said. "What's happening this time is that the government is taking the assets from the competent people and giving them to the incompetent people and saying, now you can compete with the competent people. It is horrible economics." ---------------- for the complete article click on
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BoA's response =================== Bank of America to cut up to 35,000 jobs Thursday December 11, 7:22 pm ET
By Jonathan Stempel and Dan Wilchins
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp said on Thursday it plans to eliminate 30,000 to 35,000 jobs over three years, reflecting its pending purchase of Merrill Lynch & Co and weaker business activity stemming from the economic recession.
The cuts could affect as much as 11.4 percent of the combined companies' workforce of about 308,000 people, and are intended to help save $7 billion of annual costs.
Bank of America said the cuts will come from both companies and affect all business lines, and in part reflect "the weak economic environment, which is affecting the level of business activity."
--------------- for entire article click on
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And those executive bonuses ---------------
John Thain, Merrill?s current CEO, was slow to catch on to the new reality.
Thain, who has negotiated the sale of his 94-year-old firm to Bank of America Corp., asked Merrill directors for a year-end bonus of $5 million to $10 million. He came to his senses after a Wall Street Journal report of his request created a political dust-up. Government bailout capital was supposed to be for lending, not paying executive bonuses. On Monday, Merrill said Thain and four other top executives would forgo any 2008 bonuses.
-------------- for article click on
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' George [George McDuffee] ------------------------------------------- He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest innovator: and if Time, of course, alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end?
Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee

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