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Hello Guys,
Hopefully someone can help me out here. I came across a few months ago at
my parents house my old box of trains. There are a few without wheels, some
need couplers. I have since went to a hobby store that's about 60 miles
away from my house so I cant go there every day. They sold me some wheels,
kadee couplers, and all the screws and nuts and bolts to go with
them.....well I cant figure it out for the life of me, so my question is there anywhere or anyone I can send all my cars to get setup so I
can run them, any help would be greatly appreciated..thank you so much and
the healthiest happiest new years wishes to all,
Steve from Indiana, PA
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Steve Gibson
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Do you know the scale and brand of the items? There are some repair shops but it might be easier to just replace them.
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they are all HO scale, and the brands of the cars are all different, and I do not know exactly which ones are what, thanks, hopefully this might help,
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Steve Gibson
Well most repair shops deal in O scale or Lionel type stuff because it is worth the money and the time for the part to be available. "Most" older HO scale is not worth that much so parts etc are not that available and the final result is not 'collectable' and up to par with modern cars and engines available for the same or less money than fixing up the older stuff.
The key question I think is, are you attached to these items from a family memory perspective? If yes then pursue, if not, consider just leaving them alone for now and starting with new equipment (which I think runs much better than the older stuff).
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Well that is a tough order. Do the cars that aren't broken have Kadee couplers or did the hobby store people have you converting the whole fleet?
Do you have a digital camera that you could use to take pictures and e-mail us one case at a time and have us walk you through the repair for it? The pictures would have to be e-mailed directly to list members or posted on the file section as no binaries are allowed in the discussion group. I'm after deleting the obvious letters.
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Having somebody else fix them won't have any long term benefit. Call the hobby store where you purchased the parts and explain to them that you need somebody to show you how to use them. Ask them when is a time somebody who knows how can show you. Make an appointment and learn what the parts and pieces are and where they go.
If they can't help, try another shop. Your two hours of driving will pay off in many hours of fun as you add to your road.
Tom G.
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Tom Groszko
If the coupler is attached to the car itself, these should be convertable, and worth saving. (Possibly not)
If the coupler is attached to the wheelset. They call this a Talgo Truck. Tyco and other cheapo manufacturers used the Talgo Trucks. The cars are cheap. Don't waste your time!
I have probably 30-40 Talgo Trucked cars from my childhood that I either gave away, or relegate to "Repair tracks" because the Talgo Trucks do not mix with the
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Mike Naime

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