Was skills for blacksmithing, Now Boy Scouts and blacksmithing

The current president of the Guild of Metalsmiths, Rich Herman has made local (eastern Minnesota) Boy Scouts quite aware of blacksmithing. Last year (or the year before) he was one of a group that set up a blacksmithing station at the national Boy Scout gathering somewhere out east. He said that the lines of boys waiting to get a chance at blacksmithing were longer than the lines for anything else.

I think every ABANA affiliate would do well to reach out the area Boy Scout organizations.

Pete Stanaitis

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Yep, blacksmithing is very popular with Boy Scouts. Last year a living history group I am a part of (SCA) set up a demo for the local district spring camporee, setting up about a dozen stations. Myself and a couple of other BAM members brought our forges for the blacksmit station. The troops did each of the stations in a round-robin style.We had each troop for about

30 minutes, so not much time. We would pass around the tongs and hammers, talk about what it was like to be a blacksmith in the middle-ages and such. Then I would start talking to the boys about the techniques that blacksmiths used as I demonstrated some of them. In the end each troop ended up with an S-hook they watched me make from start to finish. The guys had about a gazillion questions and didn't want to leave. There is something about the ring of an anvil that draws boys, like a moth to a flame.
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