Anyone have a hydraulic press?

I am modifying my H frame press and am looking for a better solution for attaching and excanging dies. If anyone else out there has a press, how are your dies attached?



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I have a socket built into my ram that holds a 1.5" diameter bar. All my top dies have a 1.5" spud on top that locks into this socket. My lower dies are located on pins on the base plate.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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I bought, on ebay, several surplus die sets for a punch press. I have found them to rather convenient for some types of tooling. They can be bolted to the bottom plate but it is not always neccessary because the tooling is attached to the die set. I usualy only bolt the die set to the bottom plate when using a guide for repeated opperations.

For some operations I thread a tool holder which I have made into the end of the ram. However the ram will rotate so tooling that is not round needs to be adjusted as it will move or a guide must be installed to prevent it from rotating.

I have been designing a press brake that fits into my press if you like a copy of the model I can make it available.

ttuls brad

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I have an open sided motorized press I use for hot forging. My dies are generally solid shapes (no punches). I build them on a 4x6" piece of

1/4" plate. The plate is held in place by clamps on two edges. A stop on one edge gives me all the precision required.

I don't know if this fits your needs, but it works fine for mine.

Steve Smith

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Steve Smith

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