Fly Press questions.

After last week's thread, I bit the bullet and boughy myself a flypress -
just a little iddy-biddy no. 6 that weighs about 4cwt!.
My flypress is the type with a swing arm and ball weight(s) :I only have
one weight.
Are two weights neccessary?
Are both weights the same size?
What is the ratio between the ball weights?
I assume the smaller goes on the "handle" side of the arm?
Second question:
I want to duplicate some shapes which are made of plaster as dies.
Can anyone recommend something which is plastic enough (I'm thinking
epoxy putty perhaps?), or even liquid with which I can make a "master" to
stamp a die.
I want something which will take the shape of a female mould, then harden
enough so if I stamp it with a hot piece of steel, the steel will deform
to match the shape - oh, and available to UK as well (although I'd be
willing to import if neccessary)
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No point in fooling around, good choice.
It is interesting that yours only has one weight. Mine came that way also (#3); the swing arm has two spikes for weights, but only came with one. Since I bought it used, I assumed that one had gone missing. I made a second the same weight by pouring lead into a can, cast around the spike on the swing arm. I figured that more weight was better, but didn't want to damage the tool through too much weight.
Your second question is harder, no thoughts here.
Steve Smith
Big Egg wrote:
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Steve Smith
Big Egg wrote in news:
1) You can have your mold made from a graphite I believe there are castable solutions available then have a die shop with an edm die sinker make the die for you. The advantage to this is excelent detail and excelent finish. This may not be cheap.
2) There are several 3d pantographs ie Gorton or Deckel which would also do the job. These can be found on Ebay for resonable prices.
3) Cast you master with polyurethane resin and take it to a foundry and have a die cast. You will need to polish the die afterwards.
Are you forming sheet metal ?
I am sure there are many other ways which other readers of this NG know of.
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