gas valves

I just saw a bunch of "new brass" ball valves at a scrap yard. This
place gets "scrap" but when the stuff is really surplus instead of real
scrap they resell it on the retail side. They were made by nibco.
They didnt have any tags on them so I'm not sure if they were for
water or gas.
The bodies were bolted together. The fitting were for 1/4" threaded.
there was a silver colored ball that turned in a black plastic seal.
They looked brandnew.
The casting has a 600wog and an "F" and an 1/4 cast into it.
I went to the hardware store and found similar valves, different
manfacture and of lessor visible quality, that had a tag for use with LPG.
Could these be good for the gas valves on a propone furnace or forge?
Is there a difference in ball valves for water and ball valves for gas?
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I just saw a webpage,
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that I think answers my question. The case marking 600wog, could be Water, Oil, Gas valve and I'm guessing the 600 is the max preasure in PSI?
Is this a good guess? Al
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WOG stands for water, oil, gas, the 600 would be a max pressure. checked the threads, maybe they are rejects???
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Terry Thorne
Hi Again, OK I've done my homework. The threads look fine. It seems to work smoothly.
On the Nibco site that have a lot of info on their valves. I think that what I'm looking at is a 1/4" T595y valve.
They have a T595y-ul vlave. The only difference I can see is that its UL listed and comes with a yellow tag that says so. Is there any real difference in the valves. You know, laws of physics stuff. I'm not planning of selling my forge or even giving it away. I just want it to work.
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