Hf 110# anvil gone?

It appears that Harbor Frieght no longer sells the 110# (50kg) steel
(not cast iron)anvil. I don't see it anymore in the catalogs and the 2
stores I frequent don't have it either.
Anybody else have input?
I know it's not the world's greatest anvil, but it was good way to get
folks started inexpensively.
Pete Stanaitis
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It is no longer available.
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About a year ago I wasn't able to find it listed anywhere and people were pretty sure it was discontinued. I found three at the Saddle Brook, NJ store. It might be worth giving them a call to see if any store still has them.
Steve Evermore
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They were discontinued over a year ago and the 4 stores I've talked with (Grand Junction, CO, Pasadena, TX, Houston, TX, and Sugarland, TX) can't get them.
The "best" deal I've encountered is a "slightly used" 110# Farrier's Anvil that the owner wants $450 for.
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Gone. Last year I found a store manager that would do an all states search in case there was one somewhere, and he came up empty. I also called every store in every state adjoining Arizona and no one had any.
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