I'm going to make a small forge.

Having been royally p*ssed off with the Whisper Momma, I'm going to
construct a small forge for the purposes of forge welding.
Tiny in fact, although I'm going to make a stand for it at a reasonable
working height.
The Whisper Momma will eventually burn out, but I'm tired of waiting for
it to do so.
The idea is similar to a one-bricker alla Wayne Goddard, but I'm going
to use Kaowool, and a hard fire brick inside a 1/4" thick stainless
steel pipe (it was laying around from another project that never happened).
Powered with my trusty JTH-7, in theory it should be sweet.
I will let you know how it turns out.
Regards Charles
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Chilla wrote in news:495f3ee5$0$20808$ snipped-for-privacy@news.optusnet.com.au:
Good Luck!
You may be onto a new design!
Did you consider the "Freon Tank" design on the ABANA website?
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Sure, if I wanted another large forge ;-)
I want a small forge, purpose designed for forge welding. The maximum width doesn't need to be more than 2" for my purposes.
I've proved I can make a small furnace that will melt brass and bronze in 3-5 minutes (from a cold start :-) ). Powered by the JTH-7.
I'm pretty much going to do the same with this small forge.
It should work out. I need to buy some Kaowool and I should be good to go.
Regards Charles
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do you have seperate furnaces for ferrous and non ferrous?? In the Navy they wouldnt let us mix, the two cause copper is a bad impurity for iron and steel??>
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I don't melt ferrous metals... yet, and if I did the process would be done in a sealed crucible, so it wouldn't matter.
Currently I melt and alloy nonferrous metals and alloys. I am getting rid of some furnaces and building another (for 20 - 30 kg melts).
My forge is used exclusively for steel and alloys thereof, although I am getting a piece of bloomery iron, which should be very interesting to play with.
Regards Charles
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