homemade power hammer suggestions needed

I discovered the leaf spring I have and planned to use in the hammer I am
now designing does not have the center pin in the center. The 3/8" x 3"
leaf spring has the pin 23.25" from one shackle hole center and 30.5" from
the other.
In my case it is best I keep the spring (economy) even though the main leaf
is cleanly broke at right angles, 1.5" on each side of the center pin. I
can weld this to prevent movement and then hold it between two 5/8"x 12"
plates with 12- hi-grade 9/16" bolts. These plates will have the rocking
bearing assembly on the sides which will be acting like channel iron. I
plan to put the horizontal shaft of the rocker on each side of the leaf ,
centered vertically. So I can make these plates into channels to insure no
flexing and putting force on my leaf welds.
. . . Now the question. . . . on which side of the center post ( hammer or
motor) should I have the long side of the leaf spring on this approx 40
pound hammer?. . . . . .in advance, thanks, . . .. chas.
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