I'm Selling my Blacksmithing Books

Hello All,
I quit blacksmithing in 1988 when my shoulder gave out from the
hammering. Finally, in December 2006, I stopped publishing
Blacksmith's Gazette. Now, I've finally decided to start getting rid
of my many books on blacksmithing. I've set up page on my
morewoodturning web site to list the blacksmithing books. That page
can be reached at the following URL: .
At this time, there are only a few books listed, but I will be adding
to the list over the next few days as I have time.
Fred Holder
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Fred Holder
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I've finished listing the books on the web page. There are over 40 books listed at reasonable prices.
Hopefully this link will work better.
Fred Holder
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Fred Holder

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