My Weekend

Gents, as it's pretty quiet on here at the moment, I thought i'd bore
you all with what i did at the weekend. Photos at
formatting link

Regards, Gary M.
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gary millward
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you didn't bore me, and I bet the Lister sounded super when the blade cut through a log. I heat our house with a similar sawbench, so I am always interested to see what other folks do. Mine is a bit less appealing, as I run it from a tractor.
Who was the maker of the sawbench?
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur G
Arthur, The make of the bench is Reliant, I bought it in may this year, it was sitting outside a farm house on a lane close to home. I have driven past it for years, and finally stopped in and approached the owner, who jumped at the chance to get rid of it. This was the first time i've used it, The lister ran it superbly and sounded great, it was nice to use it in anger, when working hard its a completely different animal, we even attracted some walkers to stop and have a chat about it, I suppose i could have used the tractor but thats no fun is it :-)) we don't use logs ourselves, I sawed them for the old boy that owns the farm, he's in his 80's and he lets me store my rusty iron there free of charge, so when we get chance we help out around the place, and to be honest I enjoy doing it. It makes a very welcome change from working on modern cars all week. Regards, Gary M.
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gary millward

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