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I was wondering if anyone knows of a good blacksmith near the middle of NC. I have an interest in learning, and am not above doing things myself. But I also understand some arts are best left to teachers, not books. Any suggestions on either?

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There is a huge volume of information and instruction available on the Net, including on my web site, see link below. I suggest you start reading the Internet info, and that alone will keep you busy for a long time, get some books, and here are some suggestions and sources to begin with;

Book Sources;

  1. Lindsay Publications Inc.;
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  2. Norm Larson Books;

  1. Centaur Forge Ltd.

117 North Spring Street PO Box 340 Burlington, WI 53105-0340
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  1. "The Art of Blacksmithing" by; Alex W. Bealer Castle Books Excellent book aimed more at the historical connection and preservation than a real "hands on how to do it" book. It is a good "how to" book if you are experienced. It leaves out many basic steps in making things.

  1. "The Complete Modern Blacksmith" by: Alexander G. Weygers Ten Speed Press Excellent "how to" book.

  2. "New Edge of the Anvil" or the older version "The Edge of the Anvil" A Resource Book for the Blacksmith by: Jack Andrews Skipjack Press Great beginners book, and an excellent reference after your know what you are doing.

There are many other good books, and even more not so good books. Just explore.

As soon as possible, visit

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and join the organization, and also join your local affiliate chapter nearest you. You can find the address on the ABANA site. You will then be well on your way. BTW, Blacksmithing is not one of those areas you mentioned where "some arts are best left to teachers, not books," but getting some formal instruction is of great value in speeding your progress. That is where the ABANA connection will come in. Also you will get two very fine publications when you join ABANA, and they alone are worth the membership cost. If a person doesn't join their craft's guild or organization, they really are not all that interested in the craft.



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thanks for the leads. I was curious what books would be a good start, and had already found but not even begun to explore your site. You are right, I'm sure I'll be busy for a while just getting the basics reading online.

Thanks again.


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