Roger Degner on making hollow anvils and hollow swage blocks

Here's a youtube video that I made of Roger Degner telling me how he made
his hollow anvil and hollow swage block. He has made at least two anvils
this way. I bought the first one he made at the Guild of Metalsmiths annual
conference ("the Madness") several years ago.
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Sorry that about the background noise, but, if you listen closely, the
content is there.
Pete Stanaitis

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Pete S
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That is kinda creative and cool.
Not for pounding, but show and tell, it would be great.
Should be somewhat easy on a CNC plasma table - and simply washer out the horn like he said. Welding is the tricky part - getting deep coverage so grinding it smooth without much hole coverage.
Nice - use the same steel to weld with and the lines don't sow.
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Martin Eastburn

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