Scarp yards in Chicago area, East Chicago, Hammond


Once a resident of Chicago and then Gary for some 20 yrs combined, I've been in California for about 15 yrs and now have returned to Gary.

I've lost track of the good scrap yards where a homeboy blacksmith could drive/weigh in and pick out stuff, like round stock, structural pieces heavy springs etc, then weigh out.

I'm having a heck of time finding places that are open like that. The old ones are either gone or now have a much stricter policy about vehicles (or pedestrians) in and out.

If there are any posters here in the above mentioned areas:

Chicago (south) - Hammond - East Chicago - Gary

Please give me some tips on finding usable scrap for my projects. I need varous sizes round stock, flat bar, some angle. Pipe pipe flanges etc. I'm hoping to get this stuff by the pound for whatever is the going rate.

Feel free to contact me off list if this seems inappropriate to post here.

Tips to other forums that might be usefull for this would also be welcome.

Googling for scrap yards on Google has proven to be really tedious and then you can't tell if it allows retail buyers.

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Harry Putnam
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For sure. :/

Your best bet is to go introduce yourself to the owners of the scrapyards. The smaller the yard the better they treat you IME.

Well... "AA Pull Your Own Parts" (wrecking yard) is no longer open to the public.

I walked in the office to be sure what was going on since the large drive-through gates were shut... asked "gettin' sued?" and they said "something like that" and I said "that sucks" they agreed, and I left. That was one of my favorite places and won't ever be going back. :(

It's your's and my fault too!

We are the jurers (fellow'mericans) that hand over money to the "little guy" from the "big guy" that make this shit happen. Don't blame it all on the lawyers! :/ Yes, they -are- c*ck suckers;) but it ain't their fault, they are just taking advantage of stupid-ass (bleeding heart) jurers which are -us-. :(

Alvin in AZ

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Your best bet may be to find a small to medium sized machine shop or tool & die operation and try to deal with them directly. Their scrap piles won't be as dangerous as a scrap yard and they may (if the friendly sort) appreciate getting more for their scrap than usual. I don't have any practical experience in this area but knowing first hand the huge number of shops in and around the Chicago area I feel this may produce results.


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