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Hello there,
I refurbish bonsai tools and I would like to find a means to reblacken these
tools. Would prefer a cold process but would consider a hot process. Any
help would be great.
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"ROBERT LAURENCE" Spaketh Thusly:
Are they stainless steel? If not, just use cold gun bluing. You can pick up a small container at a gun store, sporting goods store, walmart, or online at Brownells. Make sure the steel is very clean and totally grease free, including *no* fingerprints. Remove the old finish and follow the intructions carefully if you want it to all be the same color. Works better if the steel is warm (but under 200 F). For better tips, google "parkerizing". If they're stainless, or chrome plated, sand and paint them.
-- Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
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Molon Labe!
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One of the old shops we go to in Iowa used to use roofing tar mixed in wax. This was put on warm.
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Sounds like a variant of "Pontypool japan". Googling will give you the recipe.
Not something I'd use. It's a bit of a pain to work with and it's not the best thing for tools with a working surface like scissors.
I'd go with careful cleaning (wire wool), degreasing (acetone), and then a commercial cold-bluing solution.
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Andy Dingley
When I went to school we used something called Instablack which gave a nice finish, but I didnt like using it as the process called for cleaning the scale with acid, then applying Instablack after washing the acid off, then wiping down with WD40 to prevent rust. I only used this system when obliged to, and was not too enthralled with it. I am sure there is better, but it will give you an excellent flat black finish. Doug
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doug roberts

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