There's a lurker in the mists

Hi everyone,
Just lettin' folks know that I'm lurking in here. I've had an interest in
blacksmithing ever since I picked up a small introductory book on it from a
rummage sale, but I'm just a college student without room for a workshop or
the funds to start one up (unfourtunately, on both counts).
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Hey, I am also a college student. You can do lots of stuff without much money . All you need is space. In high school, I built a 3 forges and a melting furnace. Check out Ron Reil's webpage
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. I built his mini forge out of a 5 gallon bucket and some free kaowool insulation. You would be surprised what you can get for free by just explaining to people what you are doing and asking for things. I got the insulation for free because the place only sells it in 100 foot lengths.
Danc> Hi everyone,
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Jonathan Ward
Where are you located. There are blacksmithing groups ( --> affiliates) many places, and many of these are excellent places to get started. Bruce NJ
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Bruce Freeman
Northern Georgia, but I've got a vision problem and can't drive, so it's hard to travel. ~Dancing
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