Trip to CBA Spring Conference

I'll be driving up to the California Blacksmiths Association Spring
Conference, in Petaluma CA, from Orange county. I was wondering if
anyone would reccomend blacksmithing shops, or other
blacksmithing-related stuff that I could stop off at along the way. Any
I was up in San Francisco a couple of months ago and spent a day trying
to find some blacksmithing shops from the phone book, but they were all
closed for the day, or no longer in business.
I'll probably be going up the 5 freeway, but I'll take a different
route if there's something to see.
One other thing... I hope no one minds me posting about it. I'll have
some air pistons to sell, about 2" diameter, and 6"--12" stroke. I'll
mess with shipping, but I'd rather sell them at the conference. Does
any one know it they have a bulletin board or "community sales area" or
some sort?
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Got any details on the conference? I'm not too far away but have not heard of it before.
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I really don't know much about it. I found out about it from the CBA website
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The web site for the event is at:
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It looks like the demonstrations will be good, and they provide the food with the cost of the conference. It certainly seems like a good deal.
I'm in Orange county, Southern California, and it's not exactly a hot bed of smithing activity. There's a little bit going on, but not like Central and Northern CA. I'm really new at this whole blacksmithing thing, and this seems like a good way to get some exposure to what other people are doing and meet a few people. I'd like to find out more about starting a blacksmiths group of around here, too... so I'd like to talk to some of the CBA folks to get an idea of what's involved. There doesn't seem to be anything for Orange County, and I'd love to start something.
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Last year's conference was certainly worth while.
If you can stand to drive to the other side of Camp Pendleton, there's a fairly active group in Vista, at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.
- ken
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Ken Rose

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