What is this acetylene burner for?

Just to add a little more fuel to the fire:
I bought a set of oxyacetylene regulators in the early '70s. I also "bought" an oxgen cyulinder at that time. The guy I got the regulators from gave me 2 of those type B cylinders at the time. When I do need to weld, I can easily get enough acetylene from the type B cylinder, so I never bought a larger one. Since then I have acquired a couple more of them, so I can always have a spare or two full cylinders on hand. My welding cart has oxygen, type B acetylene and 20# propane cylinders on it. There are correct regulators on each bottle, with quick disconnects for the fuel gases. My only rosebud is for propane, although I have cutting tips for both gases. Works for me.
Last comment: It's not a good idea to lay an acetylene cylinder on its side.
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While we are on the subject of air acetylene and its various qualities.
Several years ago I found a strange looking piece in a welding store. It looked like a 2" piece of ~3/16" heavy wall copper pipe with 3or4 holes drilled just above where it was held in a short section of rubber gas line and held in place with a crimped on brass fitting normally used on OA hose. I should post a picture when I get time.
I was told this was an addapter to make an air acetylene torch out of a standard OA welding tip. Just jam the hose over the OA tip and use the std acet valve and no O2.
Since it was cheap, I bought it to try and was quite pleased as it created a soft & spread flame that was excelent for soldering radiators and other misc work where OA is just too focused and powerful. I do not use it very often but it has earned a place in the AO drawer on my rig and is very handy when a softer cooler torch is needed.
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Kind of interesting. Any problems with the rubber hose getting toasted? I only have the one tip for my Prestolite rig and I'm sure it's waaay to old to get any others. Might be worth it making one up for my O/A setup. Wouldn't use it too frequently. Basically a Bunsen burner using the O/A tip as the orifice. Probably needs a sleeve to adjust air intake, same as a Bunsen burner.
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