10-32 Roll Form Tapping RPM

I've got a customer using standard HSS roll form tap tools from MSC
Direct, etc.
He tells me he wants to run my machine at 3600 RPM. My gut (and some
charts) tell me 600 RPM is more appropriate.
He is using coolant, the tap hole is through 1/16" to 1/8" "sheet metal"
parts and it's a manual process with ample down time between parts to
cool the tap tooling off.
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Joe AutoDrill
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I'm not that familiar with forming taps, but I run 10-32 cutting taps in aluminum at about 1000 RPM. My CNC Z axis has trouble keeping up with the reversal if I go faster. So, if using a good tapping fluid, and assuming the sheet metal isn't really hard stuff, you should be able to go safely above 600 RPM. Is this being done with a CNC machine with rigid tapping, or a tapping head, or manually on a drill press? The faster you go, the less precision on depth you have. At least with sheet material, you can't hit bottom, but you don't want to go too far through or it may mess up the threads.
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Jon Elson
I concur with Jon. 3600 is bad news. Unless you own a multimillion dollar machine thats brand spanking new...and even then....brrrrr....
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Joe, Here is a link to OSG tap recommendations:
formatting link

The recommend 25-60 SFM, I'd go with the high end which is about1200 RPM
Best, Steve
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Thanks for the link. I'll be cautious with that information as each tool acts a bit different, but it sure is a good starting point!
Much appreciated.
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Joe AutoDrill

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