Acramaic 2100 Alarm 42-11?

I was looking on the internet for help on a Cincinnati error "42-11" on our Saber 2000, Acramatic 2100 system by Siemens and you guys seem to offer some advice on trouble shooting these systems. Upon boot and loading of the software this alarm 42-11 comes up "APC Start Fail Cause: This is an internal error. The programmable controller failed to start because of the following error: Cause: A board with an unrecognised board id is plugged into a rack.

Remedy: turn the power off and on again. if the problem persists... you know the rest"

about 3 weeks ago the W/S bridge board was replaced because the original was coming up with errors, afterwards it booted fine and has worked until yesterday.

could you offer any advice or direction on how to work with this problem, could it take the system 3 weeks to identify that the board was replaced?

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