Additional Machining Tips

With the Banquer Tip of The Week in the bag now and since the results
have proven to be an overwhelming success with everyone, I wanted to
add a few of my own tips out here for people to try in their shops.
1. There are these ground steel things called Collets. They hold tools
more accurately than endmill holders that use set screws to force the
tool off center. These collets are tricky though, some may not fit
into other style holders and collet nuts. Make sure you have the
correct components. You will need a bunch of these for various
diameter of the tools you may use in them.
2. I tried these things called Threadmills. They do the same thing as
a tap does but they do it in a circular motion of some kind. No need
for tension / compression holders either.
3. How fast can you feed a drill? Don't go by the suggestions in the
manufacturers catalogs. Keep feeding harder until the chips pack in
the flutes and it breaks. Put in a new drill, decrease the feed a
little bit and there you go. Ta Dah. That's how fast you can feed a
4. On that same note, did you know there are 3 flute drills now? It's
the strangest thing I have ever seen work. They tell me there are
endmills with as many as 4 flutes on them. I can't quite believe that,
but it came from a good source so I'm going to do some research and
get back to you guys.
5. All of this buzz about coatings is not worth the hassle to me. The
only thing I want coated is my Ice Cream Cone, coated in Chocolate.
6. I am waiting for the new release of ASSCAM that I read about
earlier in this group. I saw a review on it and someone said if you
eat beans while doing the DEMO it's sure to be a Gas.
If anybody has more of these great Machining Tips you should post them
on your blog (everybody has one today, right?) or add to this thread.
Good Luck Jon on your quest for making everyone in the world more
effective in manufacturing.
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Actually, not a bad idea, for long production runs.
6 flutes, yo, 6 flutes.
Yeah, chocolate coated endmills don't seem to last.
I feel reborn! I feel like a real machinist now!
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