Angle Drilling Universal Joint Tool

Now this is something I've never seen, hear of, or even imagined.

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So I was looking for the support ring (or whatever) that holds the body at the angle you want to drill, but THERE IS NONE!

This thing probably works, after a fashion, but son of a bleach, what a touchy situation. Just think of the carnage if your drill pushes up in the collet and happens to pull out of the hole on one of your "pecks" with the RPM over 4k, or you forget to turn the spindle off before pulling out, OR the drill breaks!

I would assume your hole location & angle tolerance would need to be WIDE open. Pretty trick idea though. I guess if you can manually program your drill cycle in 2 axes, you could do it in 3 axes for a compound angle hole.

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I've seen something similar at IMTS on a Toshiba machining center about

4-5 years ago. It was pretty cool to watch.
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Steve Mackay

In this weeks episode, a loose drill chuck causes the bit to lose index just before the spindle goes to maximum RPM.

Hilarity ensues.



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Damn, that's not just thinking outside the box, ithat's drilling angled holes on the outside of the box!

kickass idea whoever thought that one up.

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