anybody programming a 5 axis machine?

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I did once but not what you think. Machine had two tables X and U, a head that was Z A B on a track over head that was Y. It was an ASI Accucell waterjet triming molded fiberglass headliners. Then there was that 6 axis machine but that was a Fanuc S-500 robot doing same.

I was looking for a picture and found this.

formatting link
Page 3 on left side, that is a machine I built to take a SRIM head between presses.

Page 5 at the bottom shows what it looked like after we added a second ZAB head to it, guess that made it 10 axis.

I'm suprized to see the dovebid brochure still up on the net. It has been a long time. No pictures of the robotic (GMF) stuff I built. The stuff making production parts sold for very cheap to GM before the auction. Sucks when GMAC holds the financing and you go CH7


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That was the accucell, not the srim thing.

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