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Okay inventors, here's an idea that is needed. And it will be easy. All I ask is to send me one for free for the idea. I recently bought an American Rotary phase convertor. It has a push button on and off switch. My building is 100' long, and I am constantly walking back and forth to my phase convertor to turn it off and on, sometimes for only for a few seconds. How about a nice wireless car door type on-off switch that could be carried on your belt or pocket? I thought about mounting a couple of car doors, with the up-down push button pointing at the switch, but I'm sure there's an easier way! (just kidding). After I get my free one, send me a post card from the Bahama's when you get rich from my idea! Dixon

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Put a timer on it! Cost is $5! JS

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Motor start start circuits are easily extendable / expanable place several control boxes inside the shop using small gage wiring say 18-4 w/G just connect all of your kill buttons in series and all of your starts in sure and provide a mains disconnect at the actual unit so it can be locked out for servicing without worrying about someone else inadvertantly restarting it and also ground one end and of and fuse other end of your18 gage control wiring supply so that it can't catch fire in event of a fault.

FWIW: We simply start ours in the morning....usually runs all day--its output is connected directly into a separate three phase distribution panel that has individual 3 pole breakers for each machine.

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over a barrel


Don't you watch late-night TV?? They now have the radio-wave version of the old Clapper. $9.99 or $19.99 or sumpn.... but you get a second one for FREE!! Just pay

*separate* s&h--which is a clue as to what this gizmo really costs. :)

Basically a low power RF relay, which can handle 60-120W, so it could proly handle the coil of a motor starter. But just to play it safe, I would put a small relay between the RF gadget and the real motor starter, which you might have to do anyway if the coil of the motor starter is 220 V.

OK, Dixon, no charge for the precious pearl above, but if you get one of these, send me the "free" one. I've always wanted one!

SVL is correct also, can use any two-conductor bell-wire, or even zip cord (lamp cord). 'Course, 100' might run $100!!! goodgawd.....

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Proctologically Violated®©

Goggle "X10" They been around for like 20+ years

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Radio Snack sells what you need for just a few bucks. Remote control intended for lights, ceiling fans, etc., around the house. Have the remote run a cheap timer relay with a 115VAC coil. That makes the contact momentary. (Though they probably sell momentary contact versions, too.) Cheap, simple, and backed by legendary Tandy Corp. service, and all their Chinese suppliers.


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Kirk Gordon

Look up X-10. They have all types of modules and remotes. Two or three wire Appliance module is rated at 15A. Very reasonably priced. Product originally came from Radio Shack.


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