CNC Wood Working Machine

I have been working on the development of a wood working lathe. The
lathe would be low in cost, easy to use, will have special modelling
software and the tool path planning will be in built in the controller.
Is there any interest in such a machine?
Following are examples of some of the pieces we have built using a CNC
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To further the development of the woodworking machine we need to access
the interest in this type of wood working. We have compiled a small
survey and would appreciate if you would take some time and fill it.
This survey does not solicit any personal information and will not be
given to outside sources. a picture of the machine is also posted at
the end of the survey.
Thanks in advance.
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$6000- $10000 is a little much for my shop but if you could make a waterjet for $6000 I'd take one ASAP. Instead of some web based CAD software why not tr one of the free ones out there that are open source???
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