Cut my first thread

Been busy at the shop, not much time to learn the new machine.
The Hyundai is alive and running, cut my first part, turned a diameter
and put on a 1/2-13 thread.
Still some work to be done figuring out the L95 turning cycle
My finish cut is programmed to cut longitudinal right to left (-Z) but
it cuts left to right??
And I have to fudge the thread length, the tool is set with the tool
pre setter, point in X and the left edge in Z. So I had to add 1/16"
or 1/2 the insert thickness to the thread length for the thread to go
full length into my relief cut.
Thank You,
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My first thread at aged 15 years old (1968) running a Hendy belt drive using collets and centre in the end of the part, a 3/4 UNF thread.
Manual engaging the lead, on the same mark every time to be cautious. All going singingly well, approx 90% depth cut and looking a treat. Instructor disappeared for a cup of tea or piss, me getting real cocky and backing off centre by sliding tailstock back to try a nut after every cut. Almost there, 99%, then unbeknown to me, recentering the centre must have punched the part dead on 1/2 pitch into the collet. Final cut all the thread crests removed in one foul move :-) hey presto my first 2 start thread.
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