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Discussion today. Which direction is correct to turn locks for D1 camlock chuck? Clockwise? Counter clockwise? Does it matter?

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I've done clockwise for 40 odd years. Never had a chuck come loose yet.

Best, Steve

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Marks indicating a zone for "safely locked" are in the clockwise direction from unlocked on our BTC chuck.

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I remember a teacher telling me it mattered, but too many years have passed to say with certainty which way to turn them. Sounds like Bryce and Garlic Dude know the way, though.



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Charlie Gary


If your chuck doesn't have any marks, as Bryce mentioned, I'd go with the direction that has the most travel, (turns the farthest).

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I don't know which way your chuck is set up or even if there are different types of chucks in this regard, but you want to turn the locks so these "pull" the chuck into the spindle for best results.

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