Daewoo Puma 8S Keypad Problem (Parameters?)

Originally I was getting these alarms. These
100 P/S Alarm
417 Servo Alarm
X Axis DGTL Para
427 Servo Alarm
Z Axis DGTL Para.
Ok I have been on the phone with Fanuc. The battery pack had died wiping out
the whole memory. I have reinstalled the parameters. Unfortunately I did not
have these backed up on disc but had the origianl setting from the factory
on paper. Not all the parameters got wiped out but some are different then
what is listed on the paper. Mostly they were parameters 8100 thru 8266.
Beside the parameter's on paper in the remark column it says, Auto Set
Value. Should I leave these alone to what they are or change them to what is
on the paper. Also, the letters on the keypad are now not working but the
numbers on it are. Thanks for the help you guys have given me so far, and
thanks for anything further.
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"Mike" wrote in news:0IGig.62787$ snipped-for-privacy@tornado.ohiordc.rr.com:
The paper should be a print-out from when the machine was comissioned. I would record what is there now, then change them to what is on the paper.
I would also back everything up at least once a year.
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"Mike" wrote in news:0IGig.62787$ snipped-for-privacy@tornado.ohiordc.rr.com:
PWE (parameter write enable) is turned on. Turn it off.
Power was lost while setting a parameter or during a program transfer. The only way out of this is to clear the memory. Parameters and program data are usually scrambled.
The first axis (X) has a digital servo parameter improperly set.
The second axis (Z) has a digital servo parameter improperly set.
The alarm is 4X7, where X=the axis number. If you are not sure which axis is which number, simply look at the machine position page and count down from the top. For example:
X 00.0000 (1st axis) Z 00.0000 (2nd) C 000.000 (3rd) Y 00.0000 (4th)
The digital servo parameters will set themselves, there is no need to reset them. You should check the list again as often there are several parameters that don't show up until other parameters have been set.
If it's a newer machine you will probably have trouble setting the option parameters as they are now password protected.
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