Drill speeder for CNC lathe

We have a job to drill a bunch of headed aluminum rivets, about

20,000 pcs. They range from 11/4" to 1 1/2" long, 1/4" shank with a .110 hole all the way through. Normally we drill them on the CNC lathe, but with this quanity it will take a long long time. What I want to do is double or triple the drill RPM, the machine will be running at 4000rpm and the speeder I want to run at 4000 or more rpm. I did some searching on google but all I could find is this, looks perfect but for $3400 it pretty steep.
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also looked at this, its a air powered motor, which I could modify
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must be something out there that is air powered that someone makes already.


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It would seem to me that loading/unloading the rivets into the lathe takes more time than drilling. Would you consider an indexer on a vertical machine, as the indexer moves the operator could load/unload. Hmmm.... might be too fast for the poor operator.

How about two fixtures. Each holds 15- 30 rivets, while the machine drills one the other is changed.

HTH Will

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