Energy breakthrough!

I believe I have stumbled across a revolutionary energy source! The current
(and hopefully soon to be antiquated) method for producing electricity from
uranium, is to use the uranium to heat water, which in turn creates steam,
which in turn, turns turbines connected to generators (whew!). This is all
about to be made history by my concept. My idea is to take a cube of uranium
about three inches square. Now we're all aware that there is lots of energy
coming out of this block. A geiger counter will prove my theory correct.
Now, using a sinker EDM, I will cut two slots that a 110V plug can be
plugged into. Now just to be real safe, I will also EDM a ground hole for a
standard 3 prong plug. Maybe for a premium model, I'll EDM plug outlets on
all six sides for years of trouble free electricity. Now am I a genius or
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A uranium cube 3x3 would weigh about 18.6 pounds, yet cost $18,600, but would produce 64.7 GigaJoules of energy, or 61.3 million BTU. By comparison an equivalent volume of gasoline produces about 5,000 btu.
It is late, someone else can check my math, as I might be off by a couple 1,000 btu...but you get the picture.
A sugar cube of Uranium produces about the same energy as a train car of coal. And you can shield yourself from the radiation with a piece of paper.
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At least your thinking outside the box? Or inside lol.
Seriously, the answer to our power problems is to go to the lower level. Forget about fossil fuels that have been tweaked by the four known forces for millions of years...instead tap into those four forces directly, energy created billion of years ago. Example....gravity. Oil is produced by....gravity as well as other things. Why not tap into the force of gravity directly?
Or the poles of the earth. Powerful azz magnet just sitting there for us to use.
Seems the problem is we are stuck on the fact that we need movement to extract or to redirect the energy created zillions of years ago.
Funny, nobody has tapped a volcano yet, or the gulf stream, etc...
Wholly shit, just seen on history channel, a tarsier's head moves beyond 270 degrees, and it's eye's are each as big as their skull. (had to pass that on...)
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