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Hi Guys. I never had to describe a custom mill tool holder in Gibbs and I'm having problem with it. I make a profile and highlight it, use PROFILE, OK and I still can not see it in tool description window or when I render. I tried using the CUSTOM function which makes the profile to your sizes and I get the same results. Any thoughts? Jerry

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Try this:

  1. Open a new workgroup.
  2. In the X,Y Plane, have your X,Y marker at the bottom center of your tool/holder.
  3. Draw a point, and two lines; 0 degrees and 90 degrees.
  4. Draw only HALF the silhouette of your tool/holder.
  5. Connect the geometry, but DO NOT connect the geometry of the centerline of your tool/holder.
  6. Select the geometry.
  7. Go to the "Form" icon in your "Tools" group and select "Apply".

Your tool/holder should be "swept" around and show the full diameter. The main thing here is to not connect the geometer on the Y centerline, it will automatically "sweep" around.

Post any results.

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Thanks Bob. I tried your suggestion and still no results. One question is do I have to choose "form tool" if I use ballnose in that tool holder? Jerry

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You totally confused me. I hope this is a reply to a different message. Jerry

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Scrape away the middle portion on the brass piece what you want here is to have intimate contact with the dovetail only at each end--best is to feed the lube in from just inside the hollowed out portion both ends--suggest use a ball endmill or carbide burr to make oil distribution grooves where applicable.

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