Hardened D2

Anyone have a few good surface Speeds for Hardened D2?

6-8 inc Dia. 1.25 ID

Have a 25HP Fortune Slant Bed Lathe Kenametal Tooling Have Bought PCBN Inserts.

This is a Die that The Management wants me to Turn instead of Grinding due to the Turn around time from our Grinding Shop

any Help would be appreciated

Capt. Larry

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What does Kennametal suggest for the insert?

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it would be far smarter to turn them soft then harden and grind to size

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All Kennametal gives you are Max feeds and speeds, I need to get a GOOD Finish and I figured that someone here has sone it

Rockwell 58-60

Capt. Larry

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The guys that can answer seem to be at the trade show this week.

Do a search in this group on "Hard Turning" or "Hard-Turning.

Specifically look at posts from JRWheels, DMurphy and/or Anthony.

I remember something recently in an off topic or different topic thread about hard turning, don't think it was D2 specific but still some good tips. JRWheels was recommending a new insert grade, Dan or JR said something along the lines of using a ground insert (not molded), 200 SFM, making sure depth of cut is 2/3 of insert radius minimum, etc.


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Suggest phone Kennametal tech support--good knowledgeable folks there in my experience.

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