How do you make the sharpest chip?

How do you make the sharpest chip? With really dangerous sharp edges ... the ones hardest to dig out of feet, fingers & shoes ..

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Making purple chips. The edges will be heat treated at 100 rc.

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17-4, 15-5, 13-8, 316, long stringers, will cut you when you look at them, short #9's will stick to anything they get close to!!!
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Sharpest, worst cut was with a stringie plastic PEEK. It was just one long strand. And I was new to plastics (its just plastic). Reached in and started to pull it out of a lathe so it didn't wrap round the tools. I still have the scars. Man was that stupid. Hardest to dig out are rough edged tincey side-milled steel alloys. The *sharp* edged ones just flip out of your fingers if you whip your wrist like you are throwing a Ninja star. There's a dart board at a near by bar and we play for beers after work flipping the slivers out at the bull's eye. It's all in the wrist.

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