How to input the machine setup data (MSD) information on a GE 1050 control

I have a GE 1050 control on a Strippit turret press and the machine setup data has been lost due to dead batteries. Can anyone tell me how to input that information? I have the information in the machine manual, but no instructions as to how to put it back in. Right now the machine will not run and the control shows error 20.

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The manual will tell you how to input data. However, you need to have that data to start with.


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Been way too many years since I ran one of those controls, but I think this the procedure.

There is a toggle switch on the lower left side of the control box below the battery pack. With power off, flip that switch.

Power up control. Display will come up with "?". Press P3 button. The first line of parameters will display. Enter all 8 digits of parameters and press enter. Next line parameters is now shown. Repeat until all parameters are entered.

Turn off control and flip switch back to it's normal position. Power up control. Machine should now function.

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