The right tool for the job (New Synchrowave to replace an XMT Inverter)

Hi all I was an occasional poster earlier this year but due to my ISP
removing posting capabilities I've become a forced lurker.
After learning on other machines for stick and tig. My first welding
machine was a miller XMT 304CC that i had setup for Lift arc tig. I had
no complaints about the machine for what it did and how i used it (Made
nice tig welds IMO and worked great Underused the way it was)
a machine that can run up to 400 amps was being used in a single phase
40 amp 240 volt circuit with a 200 amp tig torch... Essentially it was
in retirement =)
Well eventually the lack of welding aluminum was getting to me and i
started looking to sell the machine for an AC/DC machine.
The welding store brokered a sale for me SO off went the XMT and in
came a new AC/DC machine. After pricing and investigating i have my new
one a Synchrowave 200. THe dynasty wound up being nearly double once
the accesories were factroed in compared to a Synchrowave Runner.
SO down goes the machine and i set it up and start welding.
This welder is a Different world form the XMT the control is so procise
i can run a 1/16th of an inch puddle and control it. the ard is so much
more focused and precise and easy to use and the weldcraft wp17 SF
torch is so much more lighter and more maneuverable than the WP26 i
I learned an important lesson about using the right tool instead of the
one that works. Now its time to really start running through projects
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Brent are you telling me I would be better off to give up trying to learn TIG on my XMT 304 with a foot control? How much do you think I can get out of my XMT 304 CC/CV? It has very little use and is in new condition.
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My First Tig lessons were on a Lincoln Squarewave 175 then i bought an XMT 304 CC because the price was very right amongst other reasons.
THe XMT was fine and worked excellent for 2 years using a weldcraft WP26 and a pedal.
But it was the Lack of AC that prompted me to sell it. I didnt sell it because ti was a bad machine, I still think it was a great machine but it just didnt meet my needs fully.
Your XMT likely fits yours better
I dont know whther its the hf or what but from now using the synchrowave as a pure welding source i think it has a tighter more constained arc and is easier to use (easier due to the HF starter and built in contactor) but the question is do you need AC tig? and do you need a portable welder.
All my welding is done in my workshop so portability is no longer an issue and i dont have the need to weld above 200 amps (Nor the three phase power to do it)
the XMT was overkill for me on some areas and underkill in others that having been said it worked great for me for 2 years and i'd never recommend selling it if its working great and meeting your needs.
and by the way leanring as "lift arc" tig makes moving to hf SO MUCH EASIER when you do
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