how to make the semi-circle section on a tube bender die using a lathe

It would be easy on a lathe with a spindle mounted cutter (just use ball end mill), but what about on a lathe with a standard low tech stationary cutter?

Trying to figure out an economic way to make these things - the retail price for a set is $625.

thanks in advance!

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======================= I don't mean to belabor the obvious, but as this is alt.machines.cnc, do you have a cnc lathe?

If so, an old technique may help. If you lathe has enough swing, rig a faceplate. It will be an interrupted cut so HSS may better than carbide, but G2/G3 and lots of patience may be a solution.

If a strictly manual lathe you can use the method described in one of Lautard's "Machinists Bedside Readers" to generate a radius using a series of plunge cuts. see

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and several of the catalog tool supply houses also carry these books. This is not a actual radius but series of tiny steps that approximates a radius, most likely good enough as machined, or file/polish to suit.

What equipment do you have available and what are the sizes of the dies?

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F. George McDuffee

The dies are about 6" in diameter.

CNC vertical mill, manual lathe.

I just figured out that I could put the die on a shellmill holder (in the vertical mill spindle), put the cutting tool in the vise and do a Z axis interpolation on the mill.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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