Takamatsura Lathe

If anyone is interested in purchasing a very clean older cnc lathe contact me.

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This machine is perfect and can be had at a great price.

Debco Machinery

714-521-5663 cell-714-334-4261 snipped-for-privacy@dslextreme.com


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Wouldn't happen to be in PA would you? All the machines for sale seem to be in CA, IL, or MI. Thank You, Randy

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Sorry, California.....however the machine is small and light.

I doubt if this machine has ever had production run on it, I have been associated with this company for over 10 years and only twice that I recall seeing it run.

I ran it a few days ago to make sure everything is in order,and all is good.

This company only runs plastic so doubt if any metal or very little has been run.

Best Daveb

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