I heard a rumour

that a successful local job shop uses soap and water for their coolant.

Would that work over the long run?

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On certain assembled parts that get painted we use liquid dish soap for taping. If we use oil of any kind the flat paint will not turn flat in places. This wasn't a problem when we used a vapor degreaser with TCE, but we can't get it anymore or an alternative for a reasonable cost.

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Soapy water works well for acrylic. Randy

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Randy Replogle

The engineering manager for a company I once worked at told me he used to use "pink hand soap" for machining aluminum.

My step father, who was a machinist, used to use soapy water to mill acrylic oeusing chambers to near perfect transparency. I use valcool and sharp carbide to get similar results.

Personally, I like coolant that provides lubricity, rust protection and low foam, though there's something to be said for the "spring fresh" scent...

"> Would that work over the long run?"

I don't think so

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Polymer Man

How do they control rust? I would see that as the biggest problem.

Thank You, Randy

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