I have a problem in FANUC 21T CNC controller. in my controler G01 and G02 and G03 .. codes (all G codes with feedrate) don't working.these G codes working only in DRY RUN mod (Whitout feedrate) and we dont have any erroe message in my machine. So please help me about solving the problem.

Best regards Benyamin Ghasemi

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Hi Benyamin, Was this working up till now? a new program? does the spindle come on? can you post the g-code you're trying to run? is this barfeed work? ID or OD chucking? I assume spindle comes on and tool rapids to approach position and just sits there with coolant on, and looking at position page nothing is moving and it shows proper "distance to go"? Does any other program run properly? Can you MDI a cut? Can you see ACTUAL spindle speed on your machine? Help us help you, Bart

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Is G98 or G99 pressent?

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If your using G99 the spindle must be rotating for it to move.

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Yes, and if you have more than one spindle, like in a lathe with a counterspindle, it has to be paying attention to the correct one.

That is selectable on all the machines that we have that have more than one spindle. Feeds per revolution can be based off of whatever spindle or live tool you want, but you have to know and specify.

When the program is running, if you are in the "Program" screen, and in the "Check" screen with the distances to go and such, you should see a S act. or whatever that shows the actual spindle RPM. I could be wrong, but I think the display is based on whatever spindle is selected. At least I think that's the case. If the spindle you are trying to cut on is actually running, and that S act. reads 0 RPM, then something is wrong anyway.

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Check the encoder belt on your spindle if it is broke then you have no pulse code for the feed. Should be mounted directly to the spindle. It is also used to thread. Some machines will display the spindle speed based on the comanded motor speed instead of the actual rotation speed of the chuck.

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