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For my graduating project on school I have a scale model (size=shoebox) cnc mill without any kind of steering at all. Now I want to make new communication, but I don't know where to start. We use solidworks for drawing. Is it possible to make software that can read simply parts (solidworks), and then generates G-codes (only G00, G01, G02, G03)? I know that there are many packages on the market which can do this but there isn't budget for it. Is there someone who can help me any further with this?

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Do you mean you want to write a CAM program ? or that you want one for free ?

Any CAM program that can read SW or parasolid 3D data is gonna cost some serious money.

You could maybe get a free DXF to G-code program. This would require out putting a 2D SW drawing to DXF. Do a Google search in "alt.machines.cnc" for "DXF to G-code"



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Mark Mossberg

Many have limited time/use "free demos" (but *some* do not save the code generated). As it's perhaps a one-shot deal ....

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Cliff Huprich (Rik) wrote in news:84e59f86.0307220231.7f731c5

There's nothing that will simply output a G-code file from a model (it's not like converting a SW model to IGES).

There's a lot of work involved in machining a part. Setups, tool sizes, operations, blah blah blah. It requires complex software to manage that process. Complex software = $$$.


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Joel Moore

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