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Has anyone ever come across a standard for how a CNC machine is to operate? What I mean is if I push the cycle stop button on a mazak, does it do the same things as on a haas? ie stop program, turn off spindle , coolant?

I want to know if there is a list of definitions when it comes to functions on a CNC machine similar to how G81 for example is the same and works the same everywhere.

Any help would be good

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Tim wrote in news:86ba$483af857$d8a87a1a$ snipped-for-privacy@NEXICOM.NET:

Tim, for the short answer -- No. There are many standards a machine tool is subject to. The problem is, the standards are so loosely written, by need, that there is significant variation in how a MTB can implement them, or whether they even do, as they are not mandatory. Even in the G-code language standard, there are only a few that are truely standard, such as G00, G01, G02, G03. Most everything else, if you look up the standard, is "user defined", meaning the MTB can make it whatever they want, within the context of the group it lies. About the only standards they must comply with are OSHA and the NEC.

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